About Us

About us

We are a young enterprise formed by a team of professionals passionate for this business. We are constantly learning about the latest technologies available in the market to add innovative solutions to our clients adding real value to their businesses.

Why us?

Our work methodology enables us to integrate raight forward with our clients processes. We are interested in creating strategic partnerships with our clients in order to understand the business completely to bring the best solution available, understanding the risks and respecting the restrictions of each project. We love working close to our clients, forming one multidisciplinary team with the only goal of achieving success.

“For a long time I’ve been looking for a company that could give me the synergy needed to achieve my business goals. Fortunately, I found in Persiscal an environment conducive to exploit creativity in order to innovate in the information technology field.”
Diego Otero, CEO. Mind Technology
“It’s not easy to find professionals that can provide development & design services in a smart and agile way at the same time. In Persiscal we found the personalized support we need to keep our workload and tasks up to date!”
Juan Ramollino, Manager, Web Development & Design. Lenovo

“We found in Persiscal Consulting a working team that exceeded our expectations. They have an outstanding predisposition to solve problems, creating a long-term relationship of trust.”

José Piccardo, Brand Manager, Skechers Argentina - Trend Mill S.A.


Federico Botti


Federico Botti - CEO

MBA, Systems Engineer, with extensive knowledge and experience in digital solutions.

Javier Ramé


Javier Ramé - COO

Systems Engineer specialized in project management and team leadership

Nicolás Liguori


Nicolás Liguori - CTO

Specialist in technology, with more than 10 years of experience in ​​digital solutions development

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